Past Symposia

Below are the topics of the symposia that were hosted by CILS in the past years. Detailed description of the symposia can be found in the corresponding annual reports on the Reports page.


11th Annual Research Symposium – 2015
Bilingualism Across the Lifespan
Symposium ProgramSymposium Summary

10th Annual Research Symposium – 2014
Intercultural Research: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Symposium Summary

9th Annual Research Symposium – 2013
Reflecting on Experiential learning: What Lies Beyond the Language Classroom?”

8th Annual Research Symposium – 2012
Multilingual Minds, Multilingual Hearts

 7th Annual Research Symposium – 2011
Dialogues in Oral Language Education: Perspectives & Practice

6th Annual Research Symposium – 2010
Writing in an Intercultural World

 5th Annual Research Symposium – 2009
Language Assessment: Policies, Practices and Challenges

4th  Annual Research Symposium – 2008
Changing Voices: The Internationalization of the Student Body

3rd  Annual Research Symposium – 2007
Emerging Pedagogies for Language Teaching and Learning”

2nd Annual Symposium – 2006
University Language Curriculum Reform for the 21st Century: Challenges and Solutions

1st Inaugural Symposium – 2005
International Symposium on Language, Diversity, and Education