In appreciation of Dr. Sandra Zappa-Hollman’s work at CILS


CILS would like to say good-bye and express our warmest thanks to Dr. Sandra Zappa-Hollman for her tireless dedication and great enthusiasm as a member of the Advisory Committee. Sandra worked at CILS for many years, starting as an Administrative Coordinator in 2002 and progressing to be a Member of the CILS Advisory Committee. Throughout the years, she has been an invaluable supporter of many of the CILS activities. To name a few: creation of the first CILS website, a landmark self-study review in 2006, development and launch of the Tandem Handbook, and helped organize many of the 20th anniversary events. As Sandra moves to her new position as an Academic Director of Vantage College at UBC, we wish her success and all the best in her future!